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Jona Wentzler
Object Design

T_1016 2021
Raathaus   2020
CH_Desk   2020
Cold Drip 2000  2019
SPONTAN   2019
Difficult Dinner  2018
Gabelstapler   2017
Workers Rest 2016




Foto: Britta Hüning / Fotorismus

Hi, I am Jona. I am a multidisciplinary designer and cultural activist, based in Kassel, Germany.

In my design I am dealing with various aspects of objects and products, with a particular focus on human-product interaction and the mutual influence on each other. My goal is to illuminate and examine an object from as many perspectives as possible and to integrate various inspirations and impressions into design processes. Aiming for a design that is understandable, reduced and nevertheless playful.

Another approach of mine  is to combine industrial/digital fabrication  with handcrafting processes, like this industrial products can be created, still having an individual touch of value. Also I am dealing with the design of public spaces and systems in them.

Cold Drip 2000 wins Hessen Design Competition

Cold Drip 2000 awarded winner at ein&zwanzig competition