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Jona Wentzler
Object Design

T_1016 2021
Raathaus   2020
CH_Desk   2020
Cold Drip 2000  2019
SPONTAN   2019
Difficult Dinner  2018
Gabelstapler   2017
Workers Rest 2016






With Isabel Hember and Studio Raamwerk

For KW 36 (Museumswoche Kassel) we designed and build a pink popup-house at Friedrichsplatz Kassel. The Raathaus was an interactive platform for people to discuss and get into discurs about what makes a city beautiful and worth livng there for them. Over five days people exchanged, discusses and put over 1000 comments and contributions on the walls of the house, ranging from social, political, cultural, economical topics

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Fotos 1&3: Robin Stummvoll