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Jona Wentzler
Object Design

T_1016 2021
Raathaus   2020
CH_Desk   2020
Cold Drip 2000  2019
SPONTAN   2019
Difficult Dinner  2018
Gabelstapler   2017
Workers Rest 2016






CH_Desk is a table/sofa combination, designed for places that alternate between workplace and public lounge or exhibition place.

The table top is adjustable in height by means of a circulating pulley mechanism, without complicated technology and with little effort. Due to its easy mutability and the use of transport wheels, interior can be quickly and easily changed and adapted to the respective scenario. The static steel frame and the transport wheels give the object an industrial, raw character, which is complemented by a high-quality linoleum finish on an ultra-light top and soft velvet as upholstery surface, thus combining these two aesthetic opposites in one product.

Also it can be used as multifunctional furniture in places with limited space like tiny houses