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Jona Wentzler
Object Design

T_1016 2021
Raathaus   2020
CH_Desk   2020
Cold Drip 2000  2019
SPONTAN   2019
Difficult Dinner  2018
Gabelstapler   2017
Workers Rest 2016







T_1016 is a table for universal use. The narrow tapered legs made of ash wood are attached to the table top by means of powder-coated metal connectors. The Egger Perfext Sense Topmatt coating provides a haptically soft yet robust surface. A filigree bracing system with wire ropes provides the necessary stability. All parts are easy to separate and replace.

Colors and shapes are inspired by the architecture and interior of Jean Prouve. The design language and use of materials is taken up and translated into a contemporary context. With its delicate legs and angled metal connectors, the T_1016 table conveys lightness and yet stands steady.