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Jona Wentzler
Object Design

T_1016 2021
Raathaus   2020
CH_Desk   2020
Cold Drip 2000  2019
SPONTAN   2019
Difficult Dinner  2018
Gabelstapler   2017
Workers Rest 2016




Workers Rest


With Thilo Konin, Sanchir Kath, Maurice Dolle und Johannes Friedrich Choe.

Construction sites are omnipresent in our cities. In many places they shape the land- and cityscape.

Framed by white and red plastic fences.

With some constructional interventions, these fences are changed and brought into a new context. Converted to seating and reclining furniture, they are in contrast to their original environment and purpose.

The characteristic red and white stripes maintain the recognizability of the initial product.